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If you are intending to develop three or fifty three units on your block of land, Milestone Developments can assist in the design, planning and council/town planning approval stages of your development. Our services include interior design and landscaping in order for your project to be ready on time for lease or sale upon completion.


If you are planning a multi storey development, Milestone Developments can provide design, architectural and building services, council/town planning approval stages of your development as well as individual interior design and landscaping services, looking after your project from start to finish.


Milestone Developments will undertake and assist you with all forms of project management whether it involves land subdivision, estate development, or your medium to large building projects.


With our professional qualified and reliable team of contractors Milestone Developments are able to provide reliable and on time property maintenance for the corporate sector, individual clients or body corporate, for commercial, industrial and multi story premises.

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multi-unit 1
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